Image 01We are publishers of unique and powerful eBooks , specializing in arcane works on Archangels, Celestial Kabbalah, Medieval Hemeticism, Esoteric Christianity, Historical Grimoires, and Sacred Texts. The rituals and knowledge of Celestial Spirits may be applied by all, Christians, Pagan and New Age thinkers. Angelic Magick is safe for all to practice requiring minimum artifacts and no elaborate rituals. The practice of this art will enhance your life and help you to understand the celestial cosmos and your place within it.

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Our eBooks on all things Celestial & More

A number of our publications may form part of a full initiation course in the Pauline Art, but they are also designed to be discrete, stand-alone, self-study texts, on particular angelic subjects. All our Path eBooks are unique and not rehashes of any previous published work (this naturally excluded our classic re-prints), giving you the readers access to powerful esoteric information. Remember Angel Magic is "SAFE" and may be practiced by Christians and Non-Christians alike for more information- Click Here

Angels & Archangels


This portfolio deals exclusively with the individual Archangels, the Traditional Seven Planetary Archangels, and Kabbalistic Archangels. These are Archangel Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael, Cassiel and Michael. Together with the Archangel Azrael, Uriel, and Asariel. We will also be adding to this portfolio many other archangels and celestial spirts from Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc.


Angelic Art & Hermeticism


These works hold a wealth of knowledge on the Angelic Realm. Some eBooks fit into our initiation path series, and some do not. But don't worry each work is self-contained and may be used as a stand-alone instructional text. The range of angelic subjects vary from flowers, stones, to the Tarot, Numerology etc. but all with one thing in common, they all deal with the subject of archangels and angels.


Grimoire Re-prints


Many of todays occult law comes from ancient manuscripts. Many of these are difficult for the student to follow, and many, due to multiple copying, have numerous errors and mistakes. At Archan we pride ourselves on only selecting authors who have vast experience in their subject matter, and therefore you can be sure that the re-prints of these ancient texts is as accurate as possible. Where it is possible these Grimoires include cross-references to the angelic art as required giving you a complete cross-reference.


General Occult


Traditional magickal subjects, which include our own Informational eBooklets provide simple concise information resources covering a variety of magickal themes and practices. There is no unnecessary information, in these eBooklets, just pure base information of a practical nature, to help you get to grips with various magickal techniques, and practicesas soon as possible therefore eliminating any confusing information.





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In this work you will learn the powers of the angels, how to meditate on their Name, and perform simple rituals which will bring you closer to that particular angel. You will also learn how to generate talismans that hold their powers, discover the angel that you have a particular affinity to, the one that rules your astrological sign. And finally the angel that you may call-upon in times of distress, those times when you may need celestial assistance. Kabbalistic teaching informs us that there are 72 angels who are inhabitants of ten sephiroth, with twenty-two paths interconnecting them; this is the Tree of Life.

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