The Pauline Art or the Magick of the Angels of Men

What is it all about? Is it safe? May Christians apply its philosophy? Is it complicated?

These are a number of the most important questions that visitors to this site regularly ask about the angelic art or celestial magick. Firstly consider this:

“The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who shepherds me from my beginning to this day, the angel who as my kinsman saves me from all evil ….” (Genesis, Chapter 48).

There are two extremely important words in this bible extraction, “Kinsman” and “Saves”. Naturally the “Me” is also important as this indicates all of mankind. Kinsman means relative and in it purest sense blood relative, so all angels have a naturally infinity to all mankind! Finally saves, this is as it says the angel’s job is to, teach, help, and assist, in fact save you from the mundane activities of living and guide you along life’s path!

So the main principles of the Angelic Kabbalah are well known by its practitioners but it secrets have been neglected for many years, as its principle has been sorely misunderstood. There are only a few practitioners today keeping the practice alive, and it is therefore the intention of this company to research and published works that present these secrets to those who wish to follow, and practice this ancient esoteric wisdom.

The Angelic Kabbalah, Celestial Magick, referred to as the Pauline Art, is an ancient system of ritual magick, Magick in this sense meaning petition or prayer, performed with the intention of contacting and communing with one’s own and other archangel(s). A multiple indication is used here as most of us have two archangels; a fact also taught by Islamic teachings. However, on the other hand the Christian Church states that each of us only has a single ‘Guardian Angel’. The point being that all religious practices acknowledge the power and function of the angels. For Christians, the belief in angels draws directly on the words of Jesus:

“.. see that you do not despise one of these little ones; because I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in Heaven’ (Matthew 18: 10). "

Practitioners during the renaissance period believed that ‘Angel Magick’ was among the oldest forms of worship. The renaissance physician, alchemist, astrologer, and occultist, Paracelsus in his ‘Archidoxes of Magic’ stated that, "Conjurations ... had their original spring and fountain from Babylon; and there did mightily increase and flourish, afterwards it came into Egypt, and from thence to the Israelites, and last of all, to us Christians."  (1656:36)

The Pauline Art therefore represents God’s plan for the archangels to teach evolving man, the angelic kabbalah, defined as; The body of mystical teachings based on an esoteric interpretation of the Holy Scriptures', not necessarily Christian Scriptures”.

Originally applied to the entire body of cabbalistic writings within the Jewish tradition with direct translation of received and historic doctrines. Later this was changed to incorporate information which was allied to hidden or secret doctrines. The important thing to remember is that the angelic kabbalah is part of God's plan, and is taught by His angels in order for us to evolve, and develop, not only spiritually, but also practically.

As time progresses the angelic kabbalah grew into a system in which the working of symbols and language became very important. Ancient texts were examined to establish the names of angels and also the secret names of God. Not surprisingly new angelic names were discovered! Prior to this development in the angelic art, angels were only seen as messengers from God who take messages to man and from man.

From a traditional perspective the Pauline Art grew following the publication of the ‘Key of Solomon, The Pauline Art, and Book III’ of the ‘Lemegeton’. Translated from manuscripts discovered in the British Museum by S. L. MacGregor Mathers and it is this and other ancient manuscripts that much angelic kabbalah is drawn.

Even before the Lemegeton was published, the Bible makes reference to the Apostle Paul’s ascension to the third heaven as described in Corinthians.

The journey Paul made is described, as a realm which is beyond the sight of humans. It is the dwelling place of God and His attendant heavenly beings, archangels and angels.

 “ … Paul the Apostle stated "that he was caught up by an Angel, and ascended as far as the second and third heaven into paradise itself; and that he beheld sights and heard unspeakable words which it would not be possible for man to declare…." (2 Corinthians: 12-2)

Unspeakable words?  those words which Paul had never heard before, was the language of the angels, to be discussed in Chapter 8.

 “….revelation of the holy Apostle Paul: the things which were revealed to him when he went up even to the third heaven, and was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words. Suppose one of the Apostles to have understood the "unspeakable words which it is not lawful for a man to utter ……" (2 Corinthians: 12.4)

This one Apostle would again be Paul, who eventually understand the unspeakable words, and it is this knowledge that would eventually become known as The Pauline Art (Paul's Art) - The angelic kabbalah.

 “…- thereby teaching us that greatness has its proofs in lowliness, just as (according to the Apostle) there is power even in infirmity…” (2 Corinthians: 12.5)

Greatness can be achieved by man (lowliness) the infirmity (angelic realm) holds the power to achieve this greatness.

 “.. But there is a great difference between these two ways. For over one are stationed the light-bringing Angels of God, but over the other the Angels….” (2 Corinthians: 12.7)

The ‘Light-Bringing Angels of God’ are the angels who bring us enlightenment and knowledge. Paul experienced this teaching as a ‘blinding light of truth’ or the ‘Light of the Angels’.

The first recorded practices of the Pauline Art are contained in some of the lost books of the Bible. These were removed because it is believed that that the knowledge may be too powerful for the normal man to understand, or could not be aligned with the prevailing religious thought. This knowledge was thankfully saved from obscurity by adepts and angelic sects

The Ars Paulina revealed the concept of the archangel of one’s own natal ascendant. This is your Sun Archan Publishinggel or the archangel present at your birth. However few realise that according to the Pauline Art you also have a second archangel, your moon angel. Both archangels are referred to as your ‘’birth archangels’ and are of equal importance in your angelic devotions.

For God appointed to each planet, in our solar system, an archangel, with other angels for the zodiacal divisions and each astrological birth sign. It was the responsibility of these archangels to communicate with man and instruct him that the universe is simply one vast web which links the lowest form life to the highest, and it is through these links that angelic communication works. 

As you will learn, it is these archangels and their important teachings that they will communicate to you in future.

Studying this celestial Art aims to give its practitioner’s firstly knowledge, then the confidence to put this knowledge into practice, through its rituals or petitions, or even meditations. You are on a path to become the best you can, and whilst on this path you will receive guidance and the protection of your archangels.

To summarise; All persons have two birth archangels, these angels are there as a present from God to help you with life’s progress, all you need is the key that unlocks the secrets, for that is the Pauline Art.

You may study this ancient wisdom without fear!