Who is your Traditional Birth Archangel?

The month in which you where born has bestowed you with an important Angelic relationship. This is your Sun Sign Archangel. This Archangel is extremely crucial in your the study and progression in the practice of the Pauline Art and together with your Moon Sign forms the foundation of your Angelic relationship to your Archangels. (To find your Moon Sign Archangel - Go to the Archangels and Angels website - Click here

Traditional Planetary Archan Publishinggels Traditional Astrological Rulership Read More on the Books of the Archangels
Archangel Gabriel Cancer Only The Book of Gabriel
Archangel Samael Aries and Scorpio The Book of Samael
Archan gel Raphael Gemini and Virgo The Book of Raphael
Archangel Sachiel Sagittarius and Pisces The Book of Sachiel
Archangel Anael Taurus and Libra The Book of Anael
Archangel Cassiel Capricorn and Aquarius The Book of Cassiel
Archan gel Michael Leo Only The Book of Michael
New Astrological Alignments
Archangel Uriel Aquarius The Book of Uriel
Archangel Asariel Pisces The Book of Asariel
Archan gel Azrael Scorpio The Book of Azrael

The Pauline Art uses the Seven Traditional Archangels, and if you wish to progress through the Initiation Steps to The Book of Initiation, then you must use the Traditional Planetary Archangels. If you do not wish to tread the initiation path, then this is not necessary. The Archangels Uriel, Azrael and Asariel. although known by the ancient, had not been aligned to any particular planet, as they had yet to be discovered. Therefore if you have a Sun or Moon sign in Pisces your traditional Birth Archangel will be Sachiel, and for Scorpio, the Archan gel Samael. You will have an attachment to the Archangels Asariel and Azrael respectively, but it is recommended that you study your traditional Archangel first. We are happy to advise you if you need clarification.

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