The Book of Gabriel - Archangel of the Moon.

Archangel to those born under the Astrological Sign of Cancer the Crab June 23rd to July 23rd

The Book of Gabriel is unique as it introduces to the reader or student the magick of this archangel. A short history forms an introduction, then what follows is the practical Kabbala of the Archangel, which concerns itself with the various method of communicating with the Archangel Gabriel. The importance of the Moon, not only as a means of contacting Gabriel, but also in the practice of the Pauline Art. We discuss the magical script of Gabriel, inks, perfumes and incense for those who wish to make their own. The Invoking talisman of Gabriel, The Secret Seal of Gabriel, Gabriel's signs and symbols are all described. The reader is also introduced to the Olympic Spirit of the Moon, appropriate talismans and meditative exercise suitable for angelic contact to the Archangel Gabriel of the Moon. This unique Book may also form part of a complete Angelic Grimoire if you wish, by combining other archangel eBooks. This is not a re-hash of other eBooks but a serious compilation of traditional information from an experience practitioner and builds into a formable tome of angelic information.

Introduction to the Third Edition (2022)

Minor typographical error address. New Legal conditions updates.

As always this eBook is to be used, not read. It is not an academic review of the Pauline Art, it is a practical workbook, and therefore you are actively encouraged to put into practice the rituals and spell described.

I do hope that the information compiled is useful in your quest for angelic communication and assistance.

March Update

Formatting and text revisions.

Angelus Veneficus

The reader does not require any prior magical training or knowledge. The information may be applied by Christians, new age devotees and advanced Pauline Art practitioners wishing to gain an introduction to the Magic of the Angels of Men (Pauline Art). Want to know more about the Archangel Gabriel? - Click Here


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