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Used, or second-hand hardback / soft copy (paperback) books are a valuable source of cheap knowledge aquisition. Many of the works in our customers possession are ideal for re-cycling, and therfore may be advertised on these pages. It is important that you fully understand the contract you will be entering from a sellers perspective and a buyers perspective.
All sellers must complete the following listing form before the document will be listed on Archan. Click Here.

Buyer must email to conform interest in purchasing a book or manuscript. Once received the item will be indicated as under-off, and cannot be sold to another unless the original offer to purchase is withdrawn.

The Aquarian Guide to Occult, Mystical, Religious, Magical London and Around.
Edited by: STRACHAN, Francoise. Published by The Aquarian Press London, 1970.
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The Pillars of Tubal-Cain. Nigel Jackson & Michael Howards.Capall Bann Publishing UK. 2003.
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Order of the Morning Star - Student course elements.
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