The Order of the Morning Star - Course Manuscripts

The Order of the Morning Star produced up till the 1900's couse material for its members. These manuscripts were produced by Madeline Montalban. We are please to offer a set of unique manuscripts, originally supplied to a student.

The lessons are all on original paper and have been stored in a ringbinder since the late sixties. The Condition of the manuscripts reflect their age. However the text is crisp and diagrams as originally drawn. In total there are 18 manuscripts all issued in the correct order. As indicated these are original lessons which are extremely rare their rarity and originality is reflected in athe asking price. The owner may be open to negotiation.

There is also a signed letter from Madeline to the student concerning sudy overseas (out of the Uk) and an application for admitance to the Senior School. One or two of the lessons is evident with calulations performed by the student. It is believed that the student recieved the last manuscript circa 1976.

Manuscript titles are as follows:

1. The Occult Secrets of the Moon.
2. The Mysteries of the Angel Anael and the Almadel.
3. The Fist Book of Spells.
4. Passing the Rivers.
5. The Mysteries of the Angels
6. The Voice of the Angels.
7. The First Book of You.
8. The Book of Signs and Symbols.
9 The Second Book of You.
10. The Second Book of Spells.
11. Wheel of Ezakiel.
12. The First Book of Thoth.
13. The Gates of the Sun and the Moon.
14. The Magic and Meaning of Numbers.
15. Covenant with the Angels.
16. The Book of Causes.
17. The Book of Effects and Revelations.
18. The Siverbowl.

Naturally the lessons will be posted in secure packaging, not in the ring-binders they are currently stored, unless the buyer wished them to be retained in this fashion.

NOTE: The Seller is not prepared to split the documents.








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