Latest News

May we offer a wish that all our website visitors, students and customers have a successful, safe and happy New Years. We are also pleased to introduce to our newly designed website, and hope you find it easier to use. Please visit us on a regular basis as we are planning all new and unique eBooks inthe future.

We would like to hear from you about what additional angelic ebooks that you would like to see. Just email your suggestions and we will review for future publication.

We are currently reviewing a number of traditional grimiores with the objective of converting them to practical ceremonial manuals of magick. This means clarifying instructions and removing unecessary text. These are also planned to be released during 2018.

From a technical perspective, as the publishing unit is based in Zambia, Southern Africa, we continur to have connection problems with our local ISP. This may effect you receiving your download email. If you experience any problems in this area please let us know immeadiately and we will address your concerns.

The Managing Director - Archan Publishing