About Archan (a publishing company)

Archan, also known as Archan Publishing, Archan eBooks, archan.co and archan.co.uk, has its primary business objective of reviewing and publishing rare and ancient mystical manuscripts, besides researching works on the archangels, angels and angelic magick, also medieval magick in the true western tradition. We avtovely try to give prospective authors a platform to have their unique works, related to angelic magick only, to be published on the World Wide Web. Our eBooks are unique. you will not find them on any bookstore shelf, they are designed for serious students of the angelic art, and enable these students to have access to paths of power.

Our authors are practising occultist who specialize in the angelic art, who may also actively support those students who wish to undertake private study of the ancient Kabbala of the Pauline Art, Angelic Magick and other ritualistic methods and traditions. Finally it is also our business objective to develop and publish related material and products to compliment the needs and wants of our eBook purchasers and website visitors.

Officially established in January 2016, issuing our first revised publications in May 2016, when our production and publication facilities were moved to Zambia, Southern Africa (CAT), from South Africa which was then under adifferent management structure. So please remember we are up to 2 hours plus of Greenwich Meantime.

Our future plans included utilising archan.co.uk if and when we decide to move our operations to the United Kingdom, a proposal currently beng considered, but will not be a reality till the end of 2018. Once moved we will also establish a SSL Certificate for the website, but this could be before our operations relocation.

We believe we are a refreshingly different company, new to the world of publishing and desperately trying to establish our portfolio of magical works. We therefore recognize what is valuable to all students seeking an introduction to ancient mystery schools, particularly the angelic and medieval kabbala for which we will offer an outstanding service.

Authors who may wish to use this site as a platform for publishing there own books, on the occult, please contact us directly - Click Here

We have a business relationship established, to assist prospective students, as indicated above, via The Order Lux Lucis of Rose (The Order of the Light of the Rose), who undertakes research and the compilation of information which may be published as part of our business portfolio. It also acts as a point of reference and support for those who join the Order. Members do have direct access to the Orders electronic library of recommended works, unpublished information and information on future publications. The Order also intends to build the Society into a scholarly mystical organization over the coming years, and also a “one stop-shop” for all things angelic. However the Order is not accepting any new members at the moment- Click Here

Finally, All our published works are in eBook format (Adobe PDF) enabling instant downloading. We may venture into true paperback publishing in the future, who can tell.

We are keen to give our customers what they want, from a mystical perspective and quality perspective, and therefore if you would like us to add any services, information or products to our site please drop us an email. We want to know what our customers want.

One of the problems with relatively new websites offering ecommerce products, especially if located in unusual locations is the legitimacy of the site. So to give you confidence to purchase our products, we are revieweing the adoption of a SSL Certificate, and the possible move to the UK. However, in the meantime there are a number of organisation verified our legitamacy, not forgeting PayPal verificatio, please refer to the following website verification organisations for their report on Archan's website operations. Finally, for technical considerations we do use UK based servers, as the African internet networks are extremely unreliable.

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Finally in order to compile a solid customer base I woukd like you to email us with your comments on our service, products etc. These will be published for future customers to review.

The Managing Director

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