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Refund Policy

As you cannot physically return an eBook, we do not have a returns policy, and any refund requests may not be given! We however review all refund requests and if you are granted a refund, which is quite rare and only in exceptional circumstances, your refund may be less administrative charges.

For those customers who have a refund granted, they must delete all copies of the material. Remember your angels now when you are dishonest and will act accordingly!

Customer who in error, order two eBooks which are the same title, will have the opportunity to replace one eBook with another eBook of their choice, providing it is in the same price bracket. But no refund will be given.

Customers who order The Grimoire of the Archangels, and at the same time, as a Book of an Archangel* which is covered in the Grimoire, may be offered the opportunity to exchange the Book of the Archangel with another eBook within the same price bracket.

These exchanges are at the discretion of Archan. No money refunds will usually be granted.

The Managing Director

* All Archangel Path eBooks covered by this condition only. Others by publishers discretion.