Free eBooks

We have withdrawn our offer of automatic notification of Free eBook updates to those customers who have purchased a eBook within the last 12 months of the update, and registered for an update notification.

This may seem hash to our loyal and regular customers however, like most things in life, a few make it difficult for the many. We have suffered during this offer period of multiple requests to register for free updated by NONE CUSTOMERS. Which makes our maintenance of the system lengthy and difficult. And therfore have decised to withdrawn the service.

For those customers that wish to receive have knowledge of updates you will need to review our News Page for updated works, and then email us to receive the update (providing you purchased it in the first place - We will check). So please do not notify us for updated works you have not originally purchased. Also not that the notigication of updates will be removed from the New page at each monthly update.

The Managing Director - Archan Publishing