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FREE, FREE , FREE Yes that is correct. No need to buy any eBook. This month we offer our site visitors a totally free eBook to download. This months free ebook is:

The Book of Traditional Magickal Plants and Herbs

A word of warning some of the listed plants are known to be poisonous, and have been identified as such. However the reader must make sure for themselves the properties of any and all plant material listed within this eBook, as to their safe usage, internally or externally. Plants are Magickal, to quote the late Scott Cunningham, who so elegantly summarized the power of plant Magick as : "Herb magic, then, is the use of herbs to cause needed changes. These plants contain energies—each as distinct as human faces. For maximum effects the herbs chosen for a spell should possess vibrations that match your need.............. Herb magic is easy because the powers (i.e., vibrations) lie in the herbs themselves. No outside forces need be called into play, for the power is resident within the organic matter."

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