Talismans, Pentacles, and Amulets - Terms and Conditions of Supply and Sale

As practitioners of the Magickal Arts we all realize that the results of our practices cannot be verified by science or even logical analysis. All we know is that they work. How do Talismans or Pentacles? work does not concern us. However, we do live an a constantly protective legal system which say that you cannot claim an effect if you cannot prove it. And as previously indicated this is extremely difficult for the magician.

So the claims listed for these talismans/pentacle/amulets may not be proven to the scientist and therefore before you commit to the purchase of any magickal item, this aoolies to talismans/pentacles/amulets, so seriously consider these words.

When you purchase a talisman/pentacle/amulet we ensure complete confidentiality of you, your customer identity, birth details and purchase details. We further ensure that no use will be made of the information that may come to the knowledge of the management of the site, OLR, or reveal the intended talisman/pentacle/amulet requested by the customer. Such information will only be used to communicate to the customer or will be retained until the product is accepted by the customer then it will be destroyed.

An astrological prediction and the spiritual products offered, are just an expert interpretation by the adept who creates the talisman/pentacle/amulet as descibed in the the many ancient grimoires use as a basis to create the talisman/pentacle/amulet and has no scientific authenticity to its powers. The powers of the talismans/pentacles/amulets are based upon the believed power for which they are created. We therefore cannot guarentee any claimed results. Where a customer wishes to obtain a talisman/pentacle/amulet with to address health issues, we strongly advise the customer, that the remedial solution should not be used as a substitute to an advice of  qualified medical/psychiatric practitioner and also to any treatment that practitioner has advised the customer to undergo. For the Sun or Moon Archangel talismans, these are created using relevent symbolism, images and design also found in the ancient grimoires, and from the experience of the OLR Adept.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the created talisman/pentacle/amulet. However, Archan or the OLR can accept no responsibility for the veracity of the power claimed for these talismans/pentacle/amulets on this website.  The talismans/pentacle/amuets as described, the processes and activities (rituals) that by tradition are used to empower the talisman/pentacle/amulet may be hazardous either physically, or mentally. Customers who choose to ignore this warning and attempt any of these activities do so entirely at their own risk, but be aware of the potential risks involved in these processes and activities. Archan and the OLR shall have no liability nor responsibility with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by using or following any of the instructions which may be supplied with the talisman/pentacle/amulet. The talisman/pentacle/amulet is used for research, study purposes, and at your own risk.

There may be occassions when the OLR will refuse to create a Talisman/Pentacle or Amulet for a customer. This is the right of the OLR and no explanation will be given. Potential customers should understand that the submission of an order form does not confirm a contract in anyway between the OLR or the Customer.


  pentacle Sigil Talisman Typical Solomonistic Pentacles.