Traditional, Angelic, or Custome Pentacles and Talismans

We have secured agreement that Order of the Light of the Rose will offer this new service to create for our readers traditional and custom Talismans, Pentacles, and Amulets, created to provide protection, healing, meditation, love, wealth, and spiritual advancement. All the Pentacles or Talismans created are inspired by the traditional Magickal Grimoires, Planetary/Astrological magick. The OLR will also create custom objects of power based upon your birth archangels and your birth angel of the ascendent. These are traditionally created using Hebrew, Latin, or Greek, appropriate magickal alphabets such as Theban, Celestial, Passing the Rivers, as necessary, and geomantic planetary symbols and sigils. They are printed on quality parchment paper and hand-finished. Created using computer graphics software, the created image file will be supplied to you so you make future copies at will. These magickal items are created at the correct Astrological and Moon period, and supplied with full instructions for private dedication and consecration. These are real magickally prepared Pentacles or Talismans not mass-produced items.

More information and pricing coming soon.