The Book of Rulerships -
The Powers of the Archangels

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One of the most complexed and confusing decisions a student of the magickal art is faced with, concerns the question; what archangel or planet rules what? As an example I have a problem with my teeth, what power should I approach? I have a legal problem which archangel has rulership over this matter? One additional complication is that certain dominions/rulerships may be shared. If so which power should I use?

This can be confusing for many, including myself, so I have attempted to gather all the appropriate rulerships for each of the archangels and their related planets into one reference location. On this please note that although in the following pages I have indicated the archangel and the planets dominion/rulerships separately, but note they all relate to the same power and may be used in invocations performed through the archangel or the planet, as they both rule the same powers.


1.0 Introduction 
2.0 The Archangel Gabriel and the Planet the Moon
3.0 The Archangel Samael and the Planet Mars
4.0 The Archangel Raphael and the Planet Mercury
5.0 The Archangel Sachiel and the Planet Jupiter
6.0 The Archangel Anael and the Planet Venus
7.0 The Archangel Cassiel and the Planet Saturn
8.0 The Archangel Michael and the Sun
9.0 The Throne Angel Uriel and the Planet Uranus
10.0 The Archangel Azrael and the Planet Pluto
11.0 The Archangel Asariel and the Planet Neptune
12.0 The Archangel Metatron and the Earth
13.0 The Archangel Sandalphon and the Earth
Appendix 1 Table of Rulerships
Appendix 2 Table of Common Body Issues Ruled
Appendix 3 Table of Common Professions Rules

James Stone


Formatting and layout updates. Revision of legal conditions.


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