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Working with the Angelic Signatures will introduce you to the concept and energy of working with angels through their personal symbols which hold an aspect of their energy, as your signatures does for your energy, an interconnected web. In working in the angelic realm in this way you can strengthen your connection to angels, enhance your awareness and recognition of their energies and receive a greater validation of your connection to them and your work with them, and see the vibrational web in action. In working with their signatures, your confidence and trust in your angelic friends, and your experience and interaction with them will grow and flourish.

Ancient lore states that these Angelic Signatures are extremely powerful and may be used to assist the magician on his mystical path. A number of angelic practitioners  have indicated that they must never be used to assist others; their use is for the magician only. This may seem a little harsh, however, what you must realise, for it is said that the archangel wishes to assist and develop you, who has chosen to align themselves with the angelic powers. The main reason why you should not use the Archangels Signatures to help others it is said, including your family members, is that others are on their own evolutionary path it is for them to find their own way, by performing a ritual on their behalf, you are interfering with their and your Karma!

Robert Harding
September 2022


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