The Grimoire of the Archangels (Traditional)

The Author has combined Path Books 0 to 6 covering the traditional Archangels Gabriel to Michael. Now we have not just combined the seven books into one, but have formatted all the information in a easy to find format, and included new information from the authors current research. This one eBook now eliminated any repetition text found in the individual archangel eBooks.

The eBook is large, over 400 pages, but will save you money as it covers seven of the existing Path Books. Those of Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael, Cassiel, and Michael. Here is an extract of the sections covered for each archangel (The example here is for the Archangel Gabriel. All the other Archagels have the same subject categories covered)

The Archagel Gabriel
Gabriel's Powers and Correspondences
Rulership or Domain
Archan Publishinggels Appearance
Invoking Pentacle
Drawing the Pentacle - Waxing Moon
Drawing Pentacle - Waning Moon
The Magickal Alphabet of Gabriel
Calling Gabriel
Personal Seal of Gabriel
Gabriel's Signs
Moons Talismans and Pentacles
Archangel Gabriel's Symbol
Gabriel's Protective Amulet
The Pyramid of Gabriel
Prayers to the Archangel

Introduction to the Fourth Edition update

Minor formating changes have been undertaken, chapters re-formatted and numbered.

Angelus Veneficus


The Grimoire covers the following Magickal Subjects concerning the Archangels:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - The Magick of the Angels of Men - The Angelic Kabbalah

Chapter 3 - The Lunar Cycle

Chapter 4 - The Threshold of Light

Chapter 5 -The Archangels

Chapter 6 - Stones and Gems of the Archangels

Chapter 7 - Magickal Incense, Oils and Inks of the Archangels

Chapter 8 - The Signatures of the Archangels

Chapter 9 - Angelic Covenant

Chapter 10 - Olympian Spirits of the Planets

Chapter 11 - Angelic Tarot

Chapter 121 -The Almadel of the Archangels

Chapter 13 - Squares of the Magi

Chapter 14 -Angelic Psalms

Chapter 15 - Fixed Stars

Chapter 16 - The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus

Chapter 17 - Finally


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