The Book of Little Known Angels

The angels I will introduce to you in this work have been gather from numerous traditions. However, I have not intended this work to be just an encyclopaedia of angels, but a listing of celestial spirits that you may work with to gain knowledge and protection were possible.

I have also included where necessary a simplified ritual you may use to invoke the spirit. You may naturally create your own or adapt a current invocational ritual you use. Each of the simplified ritual may be used with all the listed angels, or as indicated modified to suit your circumstances.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 The Traditions:
Islamic Angels
Angels in Judaism
The Greek Tradition
The Latter-day Saints Movement
Judeo-Christian Tradition
Persian Tradition
Palmyra (Cult) Tradition
Coptic Tradition
Mesopotamian Traditions
Kurdish Tradition

Angelus Veneficus
March 2024


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