The Book of Metatron - Archangel of the Earth

Metatron was once the patriarch Enoch, and as the Jewish legend relates, that while Enoch was still a mortal, living during a time of great sins, around the flood, he ascended into Heaven, two angels took him on their wings, and showed him all the Heavens and their inhabitants. Sitting next to God, Enoch was instructed in wisdom, and using his skills as a scribe, prepared three hundred and sixty-six books, and as he had led a pious and religious life he was chosen by God to be the writer of truth, and was transformed into a fiery angel (Seraphim) with thirty-six wings and countless eyes.

In this work you will be introduced to the powers of the Archangel Metatron, his sacred script, incense and gems. Your receive instruction on invoking Metatron through his pentacle, how to create his Seal of Protection, and Incantation Bowl.

You may also complete a full covenant to the archangel and use a number of unique spells to address those area of life that he has governance over.

Appropriate Psalms and Hymns are also given so you may add power to your ritual workings with Metatron.

Peter Bentley & Angelus Veneficus

Augustl 2023.

Updated: Clarifications, legal conditions, formatting and text updates.


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