The Book of the Illuminatus

“The Book of the Illuminatus”, be assured has nothing to do with any secret organization planning to take over the World, but it does refer to the occult practice of gaining knowledge and guidance from your Guardian Angels, who are the only true Illuminati.

This ebook introduces the reader or path follower, to angelic candle magic which is probably the oldest form of magickal practice, and evidence exists, which seems to suggest that early man practiced this art in his cave dwelling, using tallow candles, oil lamps or even basic heating/cooking fires. The practice itself manipulates wax candles in order to secure favours from the higher angelic celestial powers.

The eBook examines the concept of Candle Magick, using colours, and angelic correspondences which will enhance your petitions when practicing this ancient art. The Archangels or Planetary Archangels and their rulerships are given to ensure that you are petitioning the correct archangel for the help and assistance that your are seeking. Finally, actually creating incense and candle making are also extensively covered. Not just a eBook on Candle Magick, but a book on Angelic Candle Magick to the Tradition of the Pauline Art.

The book is written in a clear style, and is a practical manual, Not a theoretical, but practical book on magick, suitable not only as an introduction to candle magic for the student, but also for the advanced path practitioner.

"Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth
Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep."

John Milton, Paradise Lost

Editors introduction
1.0 Original Introduction
2.0 The Illuminatus and the Illuminati
3.0 Candles in Religion
4.0 Candles in Magic
5.0 Candle Magick
6.0 Correspondences
7.0 Oil of Attraction
8.0 Candle Dressing
9.0 Ritual Preparation
10.0 Planetary Hours
11.0 Astrological Cycle
12.0 Incense
13.0 The Theban Script
14.0 Candle Ritual of the Archangels
15.0 Ritual Orphic Hymns
16.0 Candle Making
17.0 Enhancing your rituals
18.0 The Archangels Signature or Sigil

James Simpson (Editor)


December 2022 update: legal notice clarification and minor text ammendments.


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