The Book of Names

 Sacred words used in magic and religious rituals are thought to possess a special kind of power not normally associated with ordinary language. Sacred languages are often exclusive and different from everyday language. As Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah points out: “The role of language in ritual immediately confronts problems if placed in relation to a primary function of language which is that it is a vehicle of communication between persons. By definition, the persons in communication must understand one another. In ritual, language appears to be used in ways that violate the communication function.” (Tambiah, 1968: 179).

 You must understand that certain words or names have power when used correctly, with the proper tonal qualities and pitch and it attracts energies of the beings that are associated with them. When vibrating names of God, you are calling out to him and asking his Divine Presence to descend upon you. After much practice you will feel his power as you vibrate his name. For it is the power of the spoken word. There are many Names of God that can be used to vibrate, it all depend on whom you wish to invoke.

In this work you will be introduced to the magickal use of Names and Words. The work will take you through the following chapters:

 Chapter 1 Introduction. 

 Chapter 2 Words. 

 Chapter 3 Names . 

 Chapter 4 Power of Words and Names. 

 Chapter 5 Powerful Names and their Ritual use.

 - 72 and 42 Names of God.

  Chapter 6 Planetary Powers. 

 Chapter 7 Name Rituals - 72 Names of God (Shemhamphoras)

 Chapter 8 Name Rituals - 42 Names of God Ritual . 

  - Septema (Novena) Ritual. 

 - God’s Name of Power . 

 Chapter 9 Powerful Words and their Ritual use. 

 Chapter 10 Words Rituals. 

 Chapter 11 Adding Greater Power to the Talismans.

Charles Huston - October 2022


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