The Occult General

Mystical & Magickal United Kingdom.

This is one of the more interesting investigations I have undertaken and in many ways the most fulfilling We all know the United Kingdom is a mysterious isle. Full of stories about wizards, magicians, fairies and ghosts, and not to mention the land of the most influential Magickal Societies and Orders.

You may say why should I buy this eReference? When the internet will give me the same, or similar, information for free. Consider this the internet is fine, but imagine the hours of searching just to compile this reference work, the lost links, and the cost. Can you imagine book marking a 1000 sites! No. This is why this eReference is valuable, and well worth the money.

The eBook has 100 pages of occult information and over 240 occult links covering:

Magickal Societies, Orders and Fraternities
Pagan Organizations, Covens and Moots
Witchcraft General
Teen Witch
Druid Organizations
Theosophical Society
Occult Book Shops
Internet Occult Suppliers
Paranormal (Psychic) Investigators
Mediums, Spiritualists, and Psychics
Occult Magazines
Astrological Data Sites
Tarot Readers
Miscellaneous (Occult artists, jewellers, ritual garment manufacturers etc etc etc)
And Finally. (My recommended mystical places to visit in the UK)
Something to Try (Some spells for fun)

This is your handy reference to all things occult in the United Kingdom.