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Before you commit yourself to the study of Angelology you may have a number of questions that you may need answering concerning the angels or the methods used to contact them. Archan Publishing has now established this new free service where we will attempt to get your questions answered by one of our expert authors.

So email us your questions and we will endeavour to get you the best answer that we can Email: archan-publishing @ ( when emailing remove spaces between @ symbol)

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We understand that buying online eBooks is not the same as visiting your local bookshop. Some online eBook suppliers give limited views of their works on offer. Again this may not be ideal. So in order to help our prospective customers be assured that they are buying the most unique magickal eBooks available, we are giving three totally free eBook covering our range of Archangel, Traditional and Infomational eBooks. Note these are the entire eBooks not shortened versions, all you have to do is to download one or all it is up to ypou. You are then assured that all the future eBooks that you buy from Archan will be of the same quality, original and unique magickal content for its subject matter.

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There are no condiions other than if we release a new version of the Free eBook, the Free one will not be updated to the newer version.

Remember we are the only publishing company that offers FREE eBook updates for 12 months from date of purchase. If an eBook is updated in any way, you will be supplied with that update for Free, if you purchased it within 12 months of the re-publication date. This now applies, from May 2016 to all our eBooks (excluding those which may be indicated below).You asked we listerned!

Note: This offer does not applied to Information Booklets, Re-Publication eBooks or special offers.

Again you cannot lose!

The Free eBooks are:
The Book of Michanel - The Archangel of the Sun
The Book of Traditional Magickal Plants & Herbs
Conjuration of the Four Elements. By Eliphas Levi

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