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Research Request

For our recently published eBook "Mystical and Magickal United Kingdom" we would like to offer inclusion in any planned updates, for any mystical organization based in the UK. Remember your organization MUST be involved in the subject matter of the eBook to be included in any updates. This will be a comprehensive directory of existing magickal societies, fraternities and organizations across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, which we would like to continually expand. Your organization may be placed in one of the following categories:

1.Magickal societies, fraternities and organizations (covering all magical traditions). Those organisations which are willing to accept members.
2. Occult equipment, herbs and incense suppliers.
3. Magickal tools and equipment suppliers.
4. Book suppliers of books on the occult, new age and mind and body.
5. New Age hotels, B&B establishments.
6. Herb suppliers .
7. Contact groups.
8. Occult, New Age, magazines and publications
And much much more.

So what can you do?. Supply us with the names, addresses, email, web page of the organization that you know, and used in the past, or maybe not used in the past. All actual organizations are encouraged to submit their own details directly.

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