Magickal Software Reviews

In order to assist our customers make the best of their eBook purchases we have embarked on locating and recommending the very best software that may be used in conjunction your eBook studies. Over the coming months we intend to review Astrological Software, Planetary Hours Software, Numerology software and much much more. We will give you our honest opinion on their suitability and compatibility with our published works, ease of use, and cost.



We will be purchasing the PMP Software from Renaissance Astrology shortly. Once received we will test its functionality and give your our evaluation results. Christopher Warnock Esq, also sells other software tools in connection with Astrology and Magick, and we will be reviewing these over the next few months. In the meantime why not visit his excellent website:

Completed Reviews:

TPHP Planetary Hours Software from Renaissance Astrology. (Purchased August 2012)

The email link appeared at our email address within a couple of hours. We use PayPal to purchase the software, and a $16.00 or £10.53 (GBP). It is good value for money.

To set-up the software for your location, especially if you live outside the USA. You are recommended to download the text instructions and follow them very carefully. Once done you are up and running, with a handy System Tray option if you wish. We tested the software against a number of online calculators, which indicated some difference in the online calculations. Manually completing hours calculations against TPHP, showed that the software was extremely accurate in all its calculations.

5 Stars


Zoidiasoft Technologies Astrology Software

Timaeus v 8 (Lite) Unlimited Free Trial Evaluation

Timaeus is a system tray application that runs in the background and shows the passage of the planetary hours and the current rising sign as tray icons that change over time according to astrological conditions. It is like having an "astrological weather forecast" on a continual basis. Timaeus also alerts you with user defined sounds when the alerts you set are triggered or a planetary hour changes. These alerts can be set for planetary positions at a given degree or for when a given planet crosses the horizon and meridian angles. Typically these are most useful in horary astrology (for the judging of questions). Timaeus is also capable of monitoring natal charts, finding transits and various types of progressions to natal positions and gives interpretations in what could be called an advanced daily horoscope. When you hover the mouse over the icons, a popup hint appears showing the current hour lord, time elapsed and time remaining in minutes, and the ascendant and midheaven degrees. Naturally thye "Lite Version" does nor have all the functionality of the "Pro" version. It is easy to use, but you do need a basic understanding of Astrology. So we recommend that if the Pro is as good as the Lite version it would be a wise investment.

It is Win 7/Vista/XP (64 and 32 bit) compatible. Singlelicense: $ 79.95 *

4 Stars (But only because we tested the Lite Version)

Try this software today. Here is the Download Link:


* Prices quoted were correct at time of compilation. You are therefore recommended to go to the companies website for any price changes.