The Grimoire of the Non-traditional Archangels

The Grimoire of Non-Traditional Archangels - Uriel, Azrael, Asariel, and Metatron

To compliment our Grimoire of the Archangels and answer the many requests to covert the final three non-traditional planetary Archangels, Uriel the Archangel of Uranus, Azrael the Archangel of Pluto and the Asariel Arch nag el of Neptune, also into one combined Grimoire of information. So this is!

For those who wish to follow the Angelic Initiation Path we have consolidated the last three Archangel eBook into one, so this combination covers initiations steps for 7 to 9 , and have priced it very reasonably, thereby saving the student money on the cost of pursuing the initiation path.

Again we have followed the format of the Grimoire of the Archangels and cover the following subject areas as required:

The Archangel
His Powers and Correspondences
Rulership or Domain
Archangels Appearance
Invoking Pentacle
Drawing the Pentacle - Waxing Moon
Drawing Pentacle - Waning Moon
The Magickal Alphabet of the Archangel
Calling the Archangel
Personal Seal
Archangels Signs
Archangels Symbol
Prayers to the Archangel

The Grimoire covers the following Magickal Subjects concerning the Archangels (As appropriate):

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - The Magick of the Angels of Men - The Angelic Kabbalah

Chapter 3 - The Lunar Cycle

Chapter 4 - The Threshold of Light

Chapter 5 -The Archangels

Chapter 6 - Stones and Gems of the Archangels

Chapter 7 - Magickal Incense, Oils and Inks of the Archangels

Chapter 8 - The Signatures of the Archangels

Chapter 9 - Angelic Covenant

Chapter 10 - Angelic Tarot

Chapter 11 -The Almadel of the Archangels

Chapter 13 - Squares of the Magi

Chapter 14 -Angelic Psalms

and More.................

Second Edition: updated August 2016, minor update May 2016 to include the Archangel Metatron, plus additional updates from the individual Archangel eBooks.