Book of the Archangel

The Book of Raphael - Archangel of Mercury

For those with their Birth Sign on the Astrological Signs of Gemini, May 22nd - June 22nd, and Virgo August 24th - September 23rd

The Book of Raphael introduces to the reader and the Student of Angelic lore the unique magic of this Archangel. A short history forms an introduction then what follows is the practical Kabbala of the Archangel, which concerns itself with the various method of communicating with the Archangel Raphael. The importance of the Moon, not only as a means of contacting Raphael, but also in the practice of the Pauline Art. We discuss the magical script of Raphael, inks, perfumes and incense for those that wish to make their own. The Seal of Raphael and his signs. The reader is also introduced to the Olympic Spirit of Mercury, appropriate talismans and meditative exercise suitable for angelic contact. This Book may also form part of a complete Angelic Grimoire if you wish.

Introduction to the Second Edition (2012) updated 2016

The Book of Raphael has been reviewed and where necessary corrected and concepts clarified. I have also added new Archangel and Moon Talismans and their applicability to the Pauline Art. These include Talismans from the Armadel, Picatrix, Ars Paulina (The Lesser Key of Solomon) , and Liber Lunae orThe Book of the Moon. This second review has aligned The Book of Gabriel with The Grimoire of the Archangels. In order to add power to your rituals I have also added a number of Mystical Hymns of Orpheus from my book, "Hymns for the Archangels". which may be used for mediation and invocation.

As always this book is to be used, not read. It is not an academic review of the Pauline Art, it is a practical workbook, and therefore you are actively encouraged to put into practice the rituals and spell described.

I do hope that the information compiled is useful in your quest for Angelic communication.

Angelus Veneficus
August 2012.

The reader does not require any prior magical training or knowledge. The information may be applied by Christians, new age devotees and advanced Pauline Art practitioners wishing an introduction to the Magic of the Angels of Men (Pauline Art). Want to know more about the Archangel Raphael? - Click Here


Miscellaneous Information:

Raphael, Archangel. Standard Hebrew, "God has healed", "God Heals", "God, Please Heal", and many other combinations of the two words. An Archangel of Judaism and Christianity, who performs all manner of healing. The Hebrew word for a doctor of medicine is Rophe connected to the same root word as Raphael. Raphael is sometimes shown (usually on medallions) as standing atop a large fish or holding a caught fish at the end of a line on a fishing rod
Appears as a young man dressed in a flowing yellow cloak and bodice. Also, as with the Greek God Hermes, wears winged hat and sandals. He carry's a caduceus.
According to the occultist Johannes Trithemius (1462–1516), Raphael is one of the 7 angels of the Apocalypse (this opinion is derived from Enoch 20) and numbered among the 10 holy Sephiroth.
Archangel Raphael is also denoted as one of the 7 Archangels who stand in the presence of God, as well as a ruler of the Cherubim and Archangel classes in the heavenly hierarchy. The Archangel, alongside Zarachiel, also holds dominion over Raquia, the Second Heaven.
Angel of Compassion.
The Ruler of the Third Heaven. where Oses visited Paradise it was the third heaven. It is also believed that the "Fallen Angels" are imprisoned in Raquia.
From the Hebrew word rapha which means "doctor" or "healer". Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer and assists with all forms of healing - humans and animals. He helps to rapidly heal body, mind and spirit if called upon.
One of the Angels of Creation together with; Orifel, Anael, Zachariel, Samael, Gabriel, Michael.
Raphael: is the Watcher of the North.
Information by kind permission of Archangels and Angels
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