Book of the Archangel

The Book of Gabriel - Archangel of the Moon

Archangel to those born under the Astrological Sign of Cancer the Crab June 23rd to July 23rd

The Book of Gabriel is unique as it introduces to the reader or student the magick of this Archangel. A short history forms an introduction, then what follows is the practical Kabbala of the Archangel, which concerns itself with the various method of communicating with the Archangel Gabriel. The importance of the Moon, not only as a means of contacting Gabriel, but also in the practice of the Pauline Art. We discuss the magical script of Gabriel, inks, perfumes and incense for those who wish to make their own. The Invoking talisman of Gabriel, The Secret Seal of Gabriel, Gabriel's signs and symbols are all described. The reader is also introduced to the Olympic Spirit of the Moon, appropriate talismans and meditative exercise suitable for angelic contact to the Archangel Gabriel of the Moon. This unique Book may also form part of a complete Angelic Grimoire if you wish, by combining other Archangel Books. This is not a re-hash of other Books but a serious compilation of traditional information from an experience practitioner and build into a formable tome of Angelic information.

Introduction to the Second Edition (2012) updated 2016

Due to the success of the first edition, The Book of Gabriel has been reviewed and where necessary corrected and concepts clarified. I have also added new Archangel and Moon Talismans and their applicability to the Pauline Art. These include Talismans from the Armadel, Picatrix, Ars Paulina (The Lesser Key of Solomon) , and Liber Lunae orThe Book of the Moon. This second review has aligned The Book of Gabriel with The Grimoire of the Archangels. In order to add power to your rituals I have also added a number of Mystical Hymns of Orpheus from my book, "Hymns for the Archangels". which may be used for mediation and invocation.

As always this book is to be used, not read. It is not an academic review of the Pauline Art, it is a practical workbook, and therefore you are actively encouraged to put into practice the rituals and spell described.

I do hope that the information compiled is useful in your quest for Angelic communication.

Angelus Veneficus
June 2016.

The reader does not require any prior magical training or knowledge. The information may be applied by Christians, new age devotees and advanced Pauline Art practitioners wishing an introduction to the Magic of the Angels of Men (Pauline Art). Want to know more about the Archangel Gabriel? - Click Here

Miscellaneous Information about the Archangel Gabriel:

Gabriel comes from the Hebrew meaning "Man of God." It has alternately been translated "God is mighty" or "the strength/power of God." The Prologue from Ohrid explains his name this way: "Man-God. Gabriel, has also been interpreted to mean 'God is my strength.
Christian tradition makes Gabriel the Archangel trumpeter of the Last Judgment (1 Thes. 4.16). In Islam, Gabriel revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad, becoming the Angel of truth. In art and literature Gabriel is mainly treated as the Angel of the Annunciation. In the Annunciation he often carries a lily, properly the symbol of the Virgin. He is often represented on churches with trumpet raised and facing east, ready to proclaim the second coming of Christ.
The Archangel Gabriel appears as a mature male with long silver hair. Muscular in form and clothed in white/silver robe which shines in the light. Some say he also has a silver crescent ornament on his brow.
St.. Gabriel the Archangel -"Fortitudo Dei", one of the three archangels mentioned in the Bible. Only four appearances of Gabriel are recorded: In Daniel 8, he explains the vision of the horned ram as portending the destruction of the Persian Empire by the Macedonian Alexander the Great, after whose death the kingdom will be divided up among his generals, from one of whom will spring Antiochus Epiphanes. In chapter 9, after Daniel had prayed for Israel, we read that "the man Gabriel . . . . flying swiftly touched me" and he communicated to him the mysterious prophecy of the "seventy weeks" of years which should elapse before the coming of Christ. In chapter 10, it is not clear whether the angel is Gabriel or not, but at any rate we may apply to him the marvellous description in verses 5 and 6. In the New Testament he foretells to Zachary the birth of the Precursor, and to Mary that of the Saviour. (Hugh T. Pope.

Transcribed by Sean Hyland. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VI. Published 1909. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Nihil Obstat, September 1, 1909. Remy Lafort, Censor. Imprimatur. +John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York)
The Jews venerated Archangel Gabriel as the angel of judgment, and in both Jewish and Christian tradition he is one of the seven archangels. Archangel Gabriel is also known to Moslems, who believe him to be the angel who served as the mouthpiece of God in dictating the Koran to Mohammed.
Angel of the Apocalypse together with Orifel, Anael, Zachariel, Raphael, Samael, and Michael.
Angel of Joy with the Archangel Raphael.
Watcher of the South.
Ruler of the First Heaven. This heaven is the closest heavenly realm to the Earth. Many believe it is the abode of Adam and Eve ( who were also angels )
Angel of Mercy with Rahmiel, Rachmiel, Michael, Zehanpuryu, and Zadkiel.
Information by kind permission of Archangels and Angels

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