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How to submit your book for publishing!:

Information for authors who are interested in submitting their work for publication by Archan Publishing.

Archan Publishing is an independent publishing company based in Zambia with the intention of producing classical works on Magick, especially Angelic Magic. Our initial business objective to to supply books in eBook format, which may be downloaded directly from this website.

As we develop and progress we expect to expand our range of titles considerably. These works reflecting original research, compiled publications for our newly acquired Archangels and Angels website, and the re-issueing of updated works of Angelic Magick, which are now out of copyright.

We are particularly interested in Ritual Magic, Traditional Grimoires, Paganism, Talismanic Magick, Magical Properties of Herbs and Stones, and naturally Angelic Magick.

We do not offer publishing advances but are are willing to negotiate with new authors slightly higher than normal royalties, based on actual sales, so you can be assured that each Author is treated as an individual.

Before approaching us please consider the following:

Originality - It is important to our future expansion and the supply of quality texts to our customers, so your work must reflect originality.

- Your drafts should be written English. We do not, at this stage, offer translation services, or are willing to publish in any language other than English.

Publication Format
- Our initial aim is to publish books in eBook PDF Format. We may in the future move into hardcopy publication or other forms of e-formats.

Submission Format
- Your draft/manuscript submission should be submitted in electronic format, using Microsoft Word. No other format will be accepted.

Subject Matter
- As indicated above. We consider all works relating to Ritual Magic, Traditional Grimoires, Paganism, Talismanic Magick, Magical properties of Herbs and Stones, and naturally Angelic Magick.

Fictional Works - From the middle of 2016 we will not be publishing works of fiction. Please do not submit and fictional drafts.

How to submit your proposal:

Happy with the above? Then we would like to hear from you. In the first instance please email use, giving an outline of your book, it's subject matter and a brief description of yourself (interests, previous publications, subject matter expertise etc)

Next Step

We will review your submission details, and if we feel your book will enhance our portfolio, we will request a full manuscript.


If approved publication we will agree with you royalty terms, final format, layout and marketing strategy.

We therefore collaborate with you on the book design marketing of the book. Right though to the publication stage.

Although no initial investment of money is required for eBooks, agreed royalties from the book sales go directly to you the writer, at pre-agreed intervals.

The Managing Director - Archan Publishing

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