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eBooks on Practical Magick - Angelic and Traditional

We are an independent occult eBook publisher, specializing in works on Archangels, Angels, Angelic Magick, Celestial Kabbalah, New Age, Medieval Magick, Esoteric Christianity, Historical Grimoires, Sacred Texts, Parapsychology, the Craft and the Supernatural. A number of our publications form part of a full initiation course for the Angelic Art, but they are also designed to be discrete, stand-alone texts on particular occult secrets. All our Path eBooks are unique and not rehashes of any previous works, giving the readers access to new and powerful information. Remember Angel Magic is "SAFE" and may be practiced by Christians and Non-Christians alike .more .....................

Our eBooks enable the student of the Angelic Art to progress through a planned initiation path, which enables a thorough training or grounding the powers of the Archangels, Angels and Angelic Magick. Click Here for more information .....


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Gromoire of the Archangels The Grimoire of the Archangels - We have combined Path Books 0 to 6 covering the Archangels Gabriel to Michael. No we have not just repeated the information in the seven books, but our author has revised existing information, formatted all the sections into an easy search format, and included new information from the latest research findings. .........

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grimoire of the non-tradiotional Planetary Archangels

The Grimoire of the Non-Traditional Planetary Archangels - The sister eBook to the Grimoire of the Archangels. This work combines three Archangel eBooks into one volume, and covers the Archangels, Uriel, Azrael and Asariel. For more information follow the link ..........................
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Fallen Angels
The Grimoire of the Fallen Angels - A ‘Fallen Angel’ is reputed to be a wicked or rebellious angel that was cast out of Heaven. The term is found neither in the Hebrew Bible nor the Deuterocanonical Books nor the New Testament. Nonetheless, Biblical commentators often use ‘Fallen angel ‘to describe angels who sinned or angels who were cast down to the Earth following the War in Heaven. Also referred to as Demons, Watchers, and Grigori. All terms we will explore later .................

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Othodox Angels
The Grimoire of the Orthodox Archangels - This Grimoire is not a work of Traditional Ceremonial Magick, but a Grimoire of religious practice in order to contact the Archangels of the Orthodox Religions. There are no spells, incantations, only an effective method of invoking the power of the Orthodox Archangels in order for you to harness their powers, guidance and assistance. The instructions given for the invocation of the Archangels does not follow any acknowledged Orthodox Church practices. ................

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Jewish Angels The Grimoire of the Angels of Jewish Mysticism - Mysticism and mystical experiences have been a part of Judaism since the earliest days. The Torah contains many stories of mystical experiences, from visitations by angels to prophetic dreams and visions. The Talmud considers the existence of the soul and when it becomes attached to the body..................   Buy Now The Book of Asariel

Our publications are not cheap, but they are unique and give information found in no other publications. These eBooks are the path to power and spiritual enlightenment.

Archangels and Angels.

Looking for a particular Archangel or Angel, here you will find eBooks on the Traditional Planetary Archangels, Judaism, Islamic and Christian Traditions. Each eBook details the Archangels history, powers, and individual magick. We are adding to this list on a regular intervals so please pay us a visit to see if your particular Archangel is here .... more

Angel & Medieval Magick Related Subjects.

Works on specific and unique Medieval Magick, Archangels or Angels, these publications are related to Celestial Magic, which some are included in our Path eBooks.. ... more

Classic Grimoire Re-Prints.

Reprints of original mystical works, Grimoires or magical texts that are in the public domain, which have been reviewed and updated by our authors. This ensures that you are purchasing the latest and most accurate book for your collection. Obvious errors in the original works are corrected, however the original essence of the works is retained.... more

Occult General.

This is a new section where we will be concentrating on the various magickal traditions and general occult subjects...... more

Author Services.

For existing and potential authors we are also able to offer a book review service and/or an eBook publication service on this site for your books. If you wish to take advantage of this service or find out how to submit a manuscript for publication then click the link below for more information.. ... more

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